Debra Empowers Human Resources Processes

Meet the latest AI human resources technology that will supercharge your hiring process and department. Debra replaces candidate registration, lengthy job application forms and resumes, with dialogue that facilitates conversations between applicants and the organisation.

Significantly Decrease Human Resources Costs

Improve your human resources budget by saving time through the automated screening process and deliver better candidates, paving the way for better staff retention in your organisation.

Increase Department Performance and Efficiency

Significantly reduce the manual steps involved in the recruiting process. Reduce conscious and unconscious bias whilst shortening your time to hire and recruit only the best candidates.

Eliminate Or Reduce Expensive Recruiting Costs

With Debra you can achieve more with less. She will aid in the sourcing and screening process, reducing the need for outside assistance.
  • Job Q&A

    Based on the information provided to Debra, she will participate in a two-way chat conversation with the candidate handling the typical Q&A for you so you can focus on other hiring related tasks.

    Human Resources Allows Candidates Apply For Positions With Debra, Our AI Chatbot Technology
    • Candidate Application

      Debra will guide each candidate through the application process making sure no stone is unturned, so you can better assess each candidate on experience, skills, and behaviour.

    • Candidate Screening

      Add role based and personalized behavioral questions that you would typically ask during a phone screening and let Debra do the rest. She will tailor her questions based on your specifications and the candidate’s responses, taking care of the initial screening for you.

    • Artificial Intelligence

      Through the power of machine learning, AI, and behavioral pattern recognition Debra is able to identify and shortlist candidates that will be most successful in your organization. Her knowledge base will continue to evolve as she has more interactions with different candidates, learning along the way.

    • Psychometric Testing

      Confidently determine every candidate’s personality to a statistically significant level without the need for traditional quizzes and questionnaires.

    Augmented AI Recruiting Chat Technology
    • Advanced Logic

      Debra analyses all information gathered including resumes and chat transcripts and automatically creates candidate profiles against the job in TalentSwot, identifying each candidate’s personality traits providing you with data-driven insights for your hiring decision.